Elect Robert Copeland for Signal Hill City Council

I am excited to be a part of the Signal Hill community and to have the opportunity to play a larger role in the direction of our great city.  As the Elected Signal Hill City Clerk I have experience working with city staff, council members, and most importantly – residents.

Signal Hill has so much to be proud of.  Our city is wonderfully diverse and residents, whether living in HOA communities or traditional neighborhoods, appreciate the sense of community.  The sweeping views from the hilltop and the tree lined parks attract people from miles away for either a brisk walk or a community gathering.  The city revenue is stable and provides for valuable programs for residents of all ages, in addition to important infrastructure and public service improvements.

My goals for Signal Hill have sprung from what I have heard from residents.  Either from individual conversations or from attending years of Council meetings, many resident’s interests fall into some main themes.  I commit to maintain these interests as a Council Member and continue listening during my term of service.

  • Public Safety - Keeping the city a safe place to live and work is a top priority for government.  Our new police station, road improvements, and park enhancements are just a few projects that demonstrate the city’s commitment to safety.  Our police officers and new police chief are motivated to do whatever is necessary to serve the community.  However, I have listened to residents recount stories of their personal experiences related to criminal misconduct, and there is a perception that criminal activity is on the rise.  Bringing together the Police Department and residents we can take steps to reduce the opportunities for crime in our city.
  • Responsible Growth – Our city has experienced so much growth and residents have benefitted through new businesses and great services.  New housing and parks have allowed for additional enjoyment of the city.  New businesses have provided additional revenue to the city to fuel infrastructure improvements and service enhancements.  Residents want growth, but want it to be reasonable and instill pride in their city.  Keeping the resident’s perspective in mind while searching for growth opportunities is key.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – The city has managed to maintain a balanced budget, and it is commendable.  City staff spends countless hours developing long term plans and uses reasonable forecasting to maintain the budget.  This effort requires continued oversight and budget allocations must be considerate of residents’ needs.
  • Information Sharing – Many of our residents want to hear more of what is going on in the city.  Additional channels of communication have been established – such as the Signal Hill app – but we need to find new ways to reach out to residents.  

Please join me in this journey.


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